An emergency visit to Emerson Dental Arts saves the day for this young woman.

The day started out like any other for Kristen C.  She was a high school senior and she was waiting around with her friends for gym class to start.  One friend, who was joking around, quickly picked Kristen up to throw her over his shoulder; but that didn’t end well.  As quickly as he did it, she slipped and he wound up throwing her over his shoulder.  She came crashing down onto the gym floor landing on her face!! Her two front teeth were broken! 

She hysterically called her mom, Kathy who is a hygienist at Emerson Dental Arts.  Kathy sprung into action and as she was racing to the school, she called Dr. Katz.  They rushed right over, this emergency visit was imperative!  When she looked at the damage, Kristen thought the worst, that her smile would never be the same again.  This is devastating for anyone, but especially so for a young woman in high school. 

Dr. Katz assessed the situation and determined that veneers were the best option for her.  In two short visits, Kristen’s unexpected smile makeover was complete! 

Emergency dental visits come in all forms. Some are to get a patient out of pain, for dental implants or for fixing a cosmetic issue.  At Emerson Dental Arts, they are all treated with the same level of care and compassion.  Contact us at 201-261-3364, if you are experiencing any painful dental issues or would like a complementary cosmetic consultation.

Lisa K.

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