It's not the toothpaste!

As a dental hygienist, I am constantly asked by my patients which toothpaste is the best. The number of choices available today certainly can be overwhelming, but my answer is always the same. It’s not the toothpaste you use, but how you brush that makes all the difference.

Plaque is the cause of everything bad that can happen in your mouth: cavities, gingivitis and gum disease. It has even been linked to serious systemic conditions such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Thorough removal of plaque is so important for the health of your mouth and as well as your whole body.

One secret to brushing better is brushing longer. It takes a minimum of 2 minutes to adequately clean all your teeth. Most people brush for 30 seconds. Use a timer if you have to but don’t skimp on brushing time. Also, it is very important to clean between your teeth. Over 40% of you tooth’s surface is between the teeth. If you are not doing something to clean this area, you are missing nearly half of all your teeth’s surfaces. Floss is usually the best choice for this but there are other implements available that can do the job. Just ask your hygienist.

So find toothpaste that you like and enjoy using, brush longer and clean in between. It will not only benefit your oral health but your total body health.

**Dr. Archer Katz is a general and cosmetic dentist offering personalized, painless and superior dental care for patients in Emerson, NJ. Dr. Katz earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology/Chemistry in 1981 from Rutgers University, and received his DMD from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1985. Dr. Katz believes in continuing education and is certified in BIOLASE Laser Technology, Invisalign® Orthodontics, Advanced Endodontics and Periodontics, and more. In addition, he is an active member of the American Dental Association, Bergen County Dental Society, the New Jersey Dental Association and the Academy of Facial Esthetics.  Dr. Katz has been voted a Bergen Top Dentist, for 2019, in Bergen Magazine.  He has also been chosen as one of America’s Top Dentists since 2007 by Consumers Research Council of America. To learn more about Emerson Dental Arts and the services Dr. Katz provides, please visit our website at or call/text (201) 261-3364.


Kathy C. Kathy C has been a dental hygienist at Emerson Dental Arts for over 20 years.

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