New Technological Advances in Dentistry and How You Can Benefit.

As technology helps us with everyday activities, it also can improve your experience with your dentist.  Here are some of the latest technological advancements in dentistry that you can benefit from:

 Digital X-Rays- These are x-rays taken by computer.  Your benefit is drastically reduced radiation to you.  It’s a great advancement in the field.

Invisible Braces- The main player in this field is Align Technology or Invisalign.  Your benefit is clear, easy to wear braces that are comfortable and affordable.

 Laser Dentistry- Lasers can be used to remove tooth decay and treat gum problems.  Many times drilling is unnecessary for cavities and cutting is not necessary for gum treatments.  Lasers, provide a huge benefit in this case.  Many times these procedures can be done without anesthesia (shots).

Icon Cavity Removal- This is a liquid that can actually remove decay in a tooth and seal the tooth!  Your benefit is no drilling or shots for this procedure. 

 Oraverse Anesthesia reversal- This is an injection that counteracts the anesthesia given to numb an area.  You can walk out of the dentist office without numbness.

 Diagnodent Cavity Finder- This small computer actually can sense if a tooth has a cavity by changes in the density of a tooth.   It’s a foolproof way for the dentist to find cavities that may have been missed in the past.

 Implants- These are titanium screws put in your jaw to replace missing teeth.  A huge benefit to you is that you can have a lost tooth replaced without drilling other teeth to support it.

These are just some of the new advances in the dental field.  More are on the way including substances that get bone to grow in the jaw as well as getting teeth to actually regenerate.  In the near future dentures and gum disease may become obsolete!


**Dr. Archer Katz is a general and cosmetic dentist offering personalized, painless and superior dental care for patients in Emerson, NJ. Dr. Katz earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology/Chemistry in 1981 from Rutgers University, and received his DMD from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1985. Dr. Katz believes in continuing education and is certified in BIOLASE Laser Technology, Invisalign® Orthodontics, Advanced Endodontics and Periodontics, and more. In addition, he is an active member of the American Dental Association, Bergen County Dental Society, the New Jersey Dental Association and the Academy of Facial Esthetics.  Dr. Katz has been voted a Bergen Top Dentist, for 2019, in Bergen Magazine.  He has also been chosen as one of America’s Top Dentists since 2007 by Consumers Research Council of America. To learn more about Emerson Dental Arts and the services Dr. Katz provides, please visit our website at or call/text (201) 261-3364.

Archer Katz

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