Michael's smile makeover with crowns.

Mike knew he needed to do something about his front teeth on the top.  They were in rough shape and he had unsightly spaces.  Although he was very self conscious about his smile, he didn’t really want to change it.  Mike’s wife is a nurse practitioner and is very health conscious.  She knows that a healthy smile is very important for body and for self confidence.  She persuaded Mike to discuss his options with Dr. Archer Katz. 

Some of Mike’s options included: Veneers, dental implants and Invisalign.  However, Dr. Katz felt that doing four crowns would be the perfect solution.  In only two visits, Mike’s smile makeover would be complete.  The first visit involved prepping his teeth, contouring them and taking impressions.  Also, four temporary teeth were created in this visit (the patient always leaves the office with teeth).  The second visit, just two weeks later, is when the temporary teeth are taken off and the new crowns are bonded.  

Every smile makeover is unique. Mike never considered how a new smile would change his outlook.  He is so happy that his wife convinced him to make the change!  If you are considering a smile makeover, call or text us to schedule a complementary consultation.  201-261-3364

For more information, watch this video!

Lisa K.

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