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Enjoy the convenience of having all of your family’s dental concerns met at one location. At Emerson Dental Arts, Dr. Archer Katz welcomes patients of all ages – from children to the elderly. If you live in Emerson, Harrington Park, Old Tappan, Oradell, Westwood, or Paramus, New Jersey, call the office or use the online booking tool to make an appointment and care for your family’s oral health.

Family Dentistry Q & A

What are the benefits of a family dentist?

At Emerson Dental Arts, Dr. Katz provides a variety of treatments in-house, so you don’t have to visit several specialists. The practice can handle all your basic dental needs, such as cleanings and X-rays, as well as orthodontic and cosmetic treatments.

Scheduling your whole family for dental appointments in one call or online saves you time, too. You can even schedule back-to-back appointments for family dental care for your convenience.


Who can see a family dentist?

At Emerson Dental Arts, Dr. Katz sees ages 10 and older. He builds a relationship with all members of your family to know your oral health history and habits. He’s available in the case of emergencies 24/7 and can help with cosmetic concerns, including tooth straightening, dental implants, and teeth whitening.


How often should my family see a dentist?

Regular dental cleanings and checkups help you maintain your and your family’s oral health. Ideally, you visit the office of Emerson Dental Arts every six months for professional cleanings. If you have specific issues, such as gum disease, Dr. Katz may recommend you come in more often.


What happens during regular dental checkups?

At these visits, you or your family members may undergo X-rays to check for cavities or underlying decay. Dr. Katz checks tooth growth and development, especially in young mouths, to head off any potential problems. He also looks at your face, bite, saliva, and movement of the lower jaw joints.

Dr. Katz also examines your tongue and gums, looking for the early signs of gum inflammation and disease. He looks for loose teeth and examines any dental appliances you may have.

The staff at Emerson Dental Arts also educates you, and especially younger patients, on how to brush optimally and the importance of daily flossing. The sooner a patient takes ownership of their dental health, the better for their long-term oral health.


What happens during a professional cleaning?

The staff at Emerson Dental Arts scales your teeth using special dental instruments. That helps remove the plaque that regular at-home brushing just can’t get.

A professional can also reach areas you may have missed. This scaling is followed by polishing with a special dental tool and manual flossing.

If you’re bringing your child in for a cleaning, it might help to have them watch you get your teeth cleaned first so they can see what happens during the procedure.

Emerson Dental Arts is a Family Dentist providing top family dental services in Emerson, NJ and surrounding areas. Please feel free to call our office or request an appointment online today. 




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